Taking Care of Your Heart


Taking Care of Your Heart

February is a month where our thoughts turn to the heart. While this may automatically be associated with the romance of Valentine’s Day, SYNERGY HomeCare is observing another important cause.  The American Heart Association has named February American Heart Month, and SYNERGY HomeCare is excited to celebrate these 29 days of heart health.

Our focus on heart health has given us the opportunity to research the human heart. It was no surprise to us that the heart serves one of the most important functions of the body as the hub of the circulatory system. However, the farther we dug, the more we found that the key to heart health is taking care of your overall health. It is a common misconception that we only need to take care of ourselves when symptoms appear. However, when signs of heart disease rear their ugly heads, sometimes it is too late.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most causes of heart disease are lifestyle factors that we can control, such as our diet, our exercise regimen, and our stress levels. This is important to you as a family caregiver in two ways: one is the heart health of your loved one, and the other is taking care of your own heart.

Guarding your loved one’s heart health is important as you move forward in your role as a family caregiver. You are caring for your family member for a reason, whether it is surgical recovery, Alzheimer’s disease or simply the effects of aging. When heart problems come into play, they only compound with current health issues; making your job even more difficult. Your loved one’s heart health is something you can take into your own hands by monitoring your loved one’s healthy diet, regular exercise and other good lifestyle habits. You can learn more about preventing heart disease in our blog: “10 Common Causes of Heart Disease (and How to Combat Them).

One of the great aspects of guarding your loved one’s heart health is that you inadvertently protect your own health at the same time. When you eat healthy food or exercise with your loved one, you are “double dipping” into your own heart health. You can also prevent arrhythmias and other dangerous issues cased by stress and exhaustion by getting respite care.

We invite you to celebrate American Heart Month with us by incorporating heart-healthy habits into your daily life. Keep your heart in mind as your care for your family member as well as yourself. Your heart health (and the heart health of your loved one) is a big responsibility, and SYNERGY HomeCare is here to help you.

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