Accountable Home Care


Accountable Home Care

Home care, like many care options, serves as a great solution for people who are sick, injured or immobile.  At SYNERGY HomeCare, we take pride in enhancing quality of life and wellness for people of all ages and conditions. However, in-home care services can also prevent injury, lower stress levels and heighten quality of life. Home care is a great way to keep healthy, safe, happy, and (for the most part) out of harm’s way.

There is a growing trend for patients to choose “accountable care organizations”, which place high priority on coordinating care. Accountable care focuses less on treatment and more on keeping people healthy.  SYNERGY HomeCare offers services that fit into accountable care. Having a caregiver around can help reduce the risk of falling in seniors. After a stay in the hospital, attentive home care can help reduce chances of being readmitted due to complications. A peripheral benefit of home care is that it reduces stress for family members who provide care.

Our Accountable Care

Safe and Secure

For many people who live alone, personal safety and security is essential to a healthy life. Without regular visitors or company, seniors often worry about falling, heart attacks and strokes without access to help. Theft and vandalism to the home is also a big concern for many people. Many people worry about what they will do without a direct line of help in an emergency situation.  For these reasons, SYNERGY HomeCare offers companionship care and Courtesy Care Visits, which ensure that the safety navigability of the home environment. SYNERGY HomeCare also provides complimentary medical alarms, which can be used in an emergency to get help.

Well Being

Personal well being is made up of many factors of life. A professional caregiver can help people to live well-rounded and healthy lives. Being satisfied with life can combat loneliness, depression, and stress while elevating self-worth, the quality of living environment, and health.

Companionship and Communication

Early detection of heart problems or other health concerns often prevents traumatic medical conditions later in life. Having someone to spend time with and help with symptom recognition can be very beneficial to life-long health.

SYNERGY HomeCare cannot prevent aging, but our caregivers do what they can to make the aging and rehabilitation process a pleasant and enjoyable experience. To learn more about our accountable care options, please visit our website to learn about our beneficial services.

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