Living Independently


Living Independently

Dear Friends and Families,

As many people age, an important concern is retaining their independence. Too often these people feel that asking for help with daily activities means completely giving up control of their life. Instead of asking for help, these people try to cope with their aging, immobility or injury alone, which can lead to poorer health and a slower recovery. Here’s some good news: in a recent nationwide survey of SYNERGY HomeCare clients, over 91% of people reported that home care services improved their quality of life and well being.  An important part of well being is independence, and home care is a proven way to improve both.

Understandably, when a person has had a self-reliant life they take pride in providing for others, and will be reluctant to “turn the tables” of caregiving. Many baby boomers have seen their parents and grandparents lose their independence over time, and do not want to be dependent on their children or healthcare professionals during their own elder years. These people are fortunate to live in a time when many care options are available. A wide spectrum of services is available for them to utilize to enhance their level independence.

Think of home care as a tool. You need a car to get around town, a job to pay the bills, and a kitchen to cook dinner.  You may also need caregiving to help you with daily living activities as you age, recover from illness or rehabilitate from injury. If you avoid going to the grocery store or on errands because you tire quickly or because you have trouble reaching items that are shelved too high or low, you are letting your physical limitations get in the way of being truly independent. A caregiver can help you with these activities so that you can continue enjoying these important routines.  This concept can be applied to each part of your life, from taking your medication, to your concerns about safety and socialization while you live alone.  Receiving care is not a resignation of your independence and individuality; it is a tool you can choose to use to keep the lifestyle you have always enjoyed.

Nine in ten SYNERGY HomeCare clients agree that home care improves their quality of life. We believe that no matter where you live (house, apartment, assisted living community, nursing facility or rehabilitation center), there are always opportunities to maintain your independence. If you have any questions about how SYNERGY HomeCare can help maintain your independent living, please contact the location nearest to you.


Peter Tourian

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