Coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Daily living can be hectic and stressful, causing many of us to become tired, and even exhausted. For people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), these symptoms go to a different level. There are varying degrees of CFS, but it causes much discomfort for people experiencing its effects.  Home care can be a great solution for people with CFS and their family caregivers.

Symptoms of CFS

If you or your loved one is constantly tired, you may need to adopt healthy sleep habits. If you have consistent or constant un-refreshing sleep, physical and mental exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, sensitivity to light, smells and sounds, or digestive, cardiac or respiratory disturbances, you may want consult a physician.

Getting Personal Assistance

Living with CFS is tough, and keeping up with household tasks, errands and even person hygiene can be a huge drain on the energy you do have. While CFS does have an effect on your quality of life, you can take steps you ensure that the energy you exert is well spent. SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers can provide the light housekeeping or personal attention you need to spend your time and energy on rewarding activities. In fact, developing an activity program or schedule can help you to better manage CFS.

Protect Your Safety

With exhaustion and other discomforts, it can be hard to keep track of your medication dosing. Caregivers can remind you to take your medication, which will help you to feel better and not under or over-medicate yourself. You may experience light headedness or dizziness as a symptom of CFS, and a caregiver can be there to help you around the house and prevent falls. When a caregiver is off-duty, you can take advantage of our complimentary medical alarm service to call for help if needed.

If you have CFS or contact exhaustion, home care can be the right type of care of you. Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare today and see what in-home care can do for you or your loved one.

Find Good Resources

Most likely, you have your loved one on speed dial (if not, consider it). Having reliable resources is also important as a family caregiver. The Arthritis Foundation is one place to go for free advice and emotional support. You can put this organization on “speed dial” by bookmarking the website in your web browser. There are also many companies that are here to find the right kind of care for your loved one (and respite for you). Many arthritis patients do not need medical care; only medication reminders, physical support  and companionship. SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers can provide each of these services while keeping your loved one as comfortable, independent and happy as possible.

For more information on how SYNERGY HomeCare can help you and your loved one,contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare location today.

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