Wake-up, Tuck-in and Freedom In-Between


Wake-up, Tuck-in and Freedom In-Between

Oftentimes when people think of in-home care, they imagine a caregiver who never leaves their client’s side. While this type of care is a need for some people, it is not the reality for all who require in-home assistance. So, when potential clients consider seeking out SYNERGY HomeCare’s expert services, they inevitably take into account how much in-home care is actually necessary for themselves or their family members in order to determine if in-home care makes sense for their family.

Because not everyone who requires in-home assistance necessarily needs constant care, SYNERGY HomeCare offers various wake-up and tuck-in services for those who need just a little extra assistance at the beginning and end of each day. This way, clients can get the assistance they need without feeling completely dependent on a caregiver.

Some candidates for wake-up and tuck-in services include seniors with limited flexibility and energy, and those recovering from various surgeries. People with Parkinson’s Disease and other physically limiting conditions also benefit from this service. A little help getting ready for the day can be a time and energy saver for many of these people, and they may need just a little help getting their days started and winding down each evening, when a more full range of motion is required.

Some of the services included in wake-up and tuck-in services

    • Standby assistance with morning and evening routines
    • Transfer assistance (in and out of bed, as well as into and out of wheelchairs)
    • Bathing and showering assistance
    • Personal hygiene assistance
    • Assistance with dressing
    • Personal appearance care

For anyone experiencing limited mobility, flexibility, and energy, wake-up and tuck-in services are sure to pave the way for a comfortable, and more enjoyable, day and night.

For more information on how SYNERGY HomeCare can help get you or your loved one out into (and out of) the right side of bed each day, check out our complete list of services.

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