Discussing Caregiving with Your Family


Discussing Caregiving with Your Family

Caring for an elderly parent is certainly no easy task, but the challenges can be even greater if the caregivers received no help from their siblings or other family members. It may be difficult to ask for assistance – even if it just comes in the form of emotional support, it’s important not to go it alone.

The first thing to consider when reaching out to siblings is what role they should play in the caregiving process. Rather than having them take over some of the primary duties, some experts recommend that caregivers delegate other tasks such as doing grocery shopping or coming over for a couple hours to visit.

Although caregivers should discuss certain roles with their siblings, it’s important for them to consider how they go about it. Perhaps most significantly, they need to avoid an accusatory or guilt-laden tone. Making other family members feel guilty about not helping out may cause a greater rift, and the person who will suffer most is the one receiving care.

Finally, family caregivers should think about enlisting some professional help. Even if it’s something as simple as home making assistance or respite care, it can go a long way in reducing stress.

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