Home Care Prevents Hospital Readmission


Home Care Prevents Hospital Readmission

Being readmitted to the hospital is a common health risk among older adults. Some statistics show that as many as one-fifth of seniors are re-hospitalized within 30 days of returning home, usually with a different condition than they were originally admitted for. When an elderly loved one comes home from the hospital, whether it is after a prolonged illness or injury, it’s important for family members to take steps to provide the best senior care possible.

One of the biggest reasons seniors are more likely to return to the hospital than younger adults is that their weakened state puts them at a greater risk for developing another ailment. Family caregivers can help prevent this by ensuring their loved one gets plenty of food, rest and relaxation. However, it’s still important to encourage a senior relative to rebuild his or her strength and get moving.

Although rest and relaxation is important, family caregivers should work to get their loved ones to return to their routine pre-hospitalization. Though they should take it slow, building back up to what they used to do can help them recover more quickly.

Family caregivers may also want to consider looking into home care to facilitate an older adult’s recovery. Care professionals can help out with everything from meal preparation to home making to preventing return trips to the hospital.

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