Identifying what puts seniors in bad moods


Why Some Seniors May Be In Bad Moods

Having an older relative who is perpetually in a bad mood and resistant to assistance is one of the greatest challenges facing family caregivers. It may seem impossible to improve his or her mental well-being, but recognizing what could be the root source of his or her poor attitude could help make the caregiving process a bit easier, and also improve overall health.

Physical and mental health are inextricably linked, so it could be a good idea for family caregivers to take any medical conditions into consideration. For instance, any recent problems with mobility could trigger some cognitive issues, while other conditions, such as a bacterial infection, could have an impact as well. 

Caregivers should also think about whether their elderly loved ones are suffering from loneliness. Whether due to the death of a spouse or separation from friends and family, loneliness can have a serious impact on seniors' mental well-being, but companionship care can help stem the progression of depression.

Whatever the cause is of a senior's bad mood, caregivers should be sure to avoid feeling burned out. Enlisting the help of home care providers and other experts will not only provide family members some respite care, but they will also be well-equipped to handle the challenges of a senior in a poor mood.

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