The Best and Worst Places to Grow Old


The Best and Worst Places to Grow Old

ImgresThe latest Global AgeWatch Index by the United Nations Population Fund determined the best and worst countries in the world for the elderly. According to the study, the U.S. is No. 8 in the world for the well-being of aging adults.

The U.S. was a surprise to the United Nations Population Fund as the country typically finds itself at the bottom of the list for developed nations on issues regarding human welfare.

Sweden is the best country for the elderly followed by Norway and Germany. The worst countries for aging adults are Pakistan, Tanzania and Afghanistan. 

The reason the U.S. performed so well on this was because of the educational and employment opportunities available for elderly Americans. The opportunities are second-best in the world, behind Norway, because older adults in the U.S. value their capacity to work and want to remain self-sufficient for as long as possible. 

Elderly in the U.S. also face less age discrimination when it comes to education and employment opportunities compared to those in other countries. The weakness of the U.S. is the risk of poverty among aging adults. 

Senior care services can help the elderly with remaining independent and living self-sufficient lives. 

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