Eat These Flu-Fighting Foods


8 Flu Fighting Foods

Fall means flu season and you can do more than just get vaccinated to decrease your chances of getting sick. To really stave off the illness, eat these natural flu-fighting foods:

Black-eyed peas are full of zinc which can help keep your immune system on top of its game. Other foods that are rich in zinc include pinto beans, peanuts and roasted pumpkin seeds.

You can help your body fight off respiratory infections and side effects of the flu by eating carrots. This flu-fighting food is rich in beta-carotene. Those looking for other good sources of beta-carotene can try dark green vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and winter squash.

Drinking tea will decrease your risk of getting the flu because of the natural compounds including quercetin, L-theanine and amino acids. Keep in mind that only decaffeinated teas contain amino acids. 

Thanks to the probiotics in yogurt, you can fight the flu. The probiotics will strengthen your immune system as will other foods such as cottage cheese and sauerkraut.

The vitamin C in tomatoes will help your immune system, so eat up. You can get approximately 40 percent of your daily vitamin C needs from one medium-sized tomato. Try adding this veggie to pasta or salad or even gulping a glass of tomato juice. 

Senior care services can help you find other flu-fighting foods to add to your daily diet. 

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