Winter hazards for aging adults


Winter Hazards for Aging Adults

As winter approaches, seniors may be preparing their homes in order to prevent falls and avoid other hazards that may result from the colder weather. Aging adults with mobility and other health issues may find winter weather especially challenging. However, by planning ahead, the proper measures can be taken to ensure safety and fall prevention. 

Some adults bring out the space heaters and other devices to keep the house temperature up. Unfortunately, these supplies can result in accidents that can affect the health of those living in the home.

Slippery sidewalks can make it difficult for someone who has mobility or balance problems. It can also be difficult to shovel snow so having someone who can help with snow removal is essential to preventing falls and injuries. Having a clear walkway will also make it easier to enter and exit the home during the winter. 

With clear pathways, seniors will better be able to get out and take care of necessary errands. However, it is a good idea to have someone who can go grocery shopping for you or take care of any other tasks just in case you're unable to venture out. 

Dryer vents and gutters should be cleared so fire hazards potentially caused by these parts of the house can be eliminated. Safety modifications like grab bars, hand-held showers and the rearrangement of furniture and rugs can help increase an aging adults safety in the home. 

Senior care services are also a great way to ensure safety and prevent home health hazards.

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