Exercises for seniors to do while watching television


Cold Weather Keeping You Indoors? Exercise While You Watch TV

If you're spending a lot of the day watching TV, why not try to get in some exercises while you do it? Physical activity can keep you healthier, build muscles and help improve brain health. 

According to AARP, the average American spends about five hours in front of the television every day. 

While sitting on the couch, you can pick up a dumbbell (or a heavy book) in each hand. You'll want to flex your arms at the elbow and pull the object up toward you shoulders to do a bicep curl. Try doing 10 or more reps of these to build up arm strength. 

Grip strength can give you an idea of how fit you are overall, so pick up some hand grippers and start squeezing. For this exercise, AARP said to grasp the handles in one hand and squeeze them together as close as you can until you can no longer do it before switching hands.

Work on leg strength by doing leg extensions. Attach weights to each ankle and sit on the edge of the couch or a chair. You'll want to bend at the knee and life your lower legs up to a locked-knee position. It should take between two to three seconds to lift and lower each leg. 

You can add additional exercises to your TV routine with help from senior care services.

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