Caregiver Recognition: Audrie Hanshaw


Caregiver Recognition: Audrie Hanshaw

by Leslie Selig, Owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Cleveland

Audrie Hanshaw was hired as a caregiver for SYNERGY HomeCare’s Cleveland, OH office on August 4, 2010. Throughout Audrie’s employment she has exhibited those qualities we admire most in a caregiver. She has been assigned some of the office’s most difficult cases because we are confident in her skills and her ability to handle them with grace and professionalism.

One of Audrie’s most impressive traits is that she is highly self-motivated. She takes the initiative to learn new things and has consistently shown a strong desire to be well informed. She has participated in Alzheimer’s training, hospice training and most recently training on understanding skilled home care.

Audrie has stepped up many times and demonstrated that she is a dependable and reliable member of the SYNERGY HomeCare team. She has dropped everything at a moment’s notice in order to help out and cover emergency shifts. Time and time again she has proven to be an outstanding caregiver. That is why she recently received a Certificate of Appreciation for her excellent character and performance.

In terms of personality and interpersonal skills, Audrie is very gifted. She is very sensitive to interpersonal nuances. She has shown patience, compassion and the ability to work well with several vulnerable populations including the emotionally disturbed, developmentally disabled, mentally ill, traumatic brain injured, physically disabled and individuals in hospice care. She has demonstrated that she cares a great deal about the welfare of her clients. Her disposition is very caring and professional. She maintains a professional as well as compassionate relationship with her clients and their family members.

There have been times when Audrie has put her own personal life aside in order to be there for her clients and for members of her client’s families. She has been invited to share in their joys and sorrows. She was invited to share in one client’s 99th birthday party. The client’s daughter said Audrie should be there because she is part of their family. Another client’s daughter requested Audrie attend her father’s funeral and sit with the family because that’s what she was to them: family.

We are honored and grateful to have Audrie Hanshaw as a part of the SYNERGY HomeCare team. She is the embodiment of what an outstanding caregiver should be.

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