Caregiving in Springtime


Caregiving in Springtime

Springtime is one of the most enjoyable seasons to be outside. This is a great time to soak up the beautiful weather, fresh air and sunlight before the summer heat rolls in. After months of being cooped up inside during the winter, people of all ages like to be out-of-doors. Many seniors are hesitant to go outside because they are worried about falling or catching cold. With your help, you and your clients can take advantage of the spring season.

Being Outside Is Good

Being outside has several benefits. The first benefit is that you get sunlight, which is known to improve brain function, the immune system, and body weight. Having exposure to a healthy amount of UV-B rays (about 15- 30 minutes) will also help your body synthesize Vitamin D. Many people who need home care are deprived of this vitamin, since they tend to spend so much time inside. Vitamin D is especially good for seniors because it encourages the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which helps strengthen bones.

Being out in the fresh air is invigorating for many people. It is a great way to manage stress and depression. The new life and warmer weather can improve feelings of well-being for you and your client.

Before You Go Out

Always prepare before going outside. Make sure that you and your client are wearing sunscreen and that you have jackets in case it gets cold. Also, double check with the SYNERGY HomeCare office to make sure it is okay to take your client on an outing.

Outdoor Activities

Playing a game of soccer or going hiking may be too much activity for someone who needs home care, but there are many other adventures that you can have with your clients. Here are some ideas:

Social gatherings

When it comes to appreciating spring, the more the merrier! Whether you attend a family gathering or a barbecue hosted by your client’s assisted living community, look for social gatherings that your client may enjoy attending.

Window Shopping

If your client lives close to an outdoor mall or a good shopping center, take them window shopping. You can both enjoy looking at new things while being outside. Some malls even play music or have shows for shoppers.

Bird or Wildlife Watching

Even in the city, you can spot an animal or two come springtime. If your client has a porch, take them out there to look for birds or squirrels. If you live in a more rural area, you are more likely to see animals like rabbits or deer. If your client does not have somewhere to sit outdoors, consider taking them to the park or even opening a window and looking at the trees outside. Watching animals and plants from afar is a great way to experience nature.


Creating a place for flowers to grow during the springtime can be fun for you and your client. Not only is it a way to exercise, but the result is a bed of colorful blooms that accent your client’s home.

Take a Walk

A stroll around the neighborhood is a quick and easy way to get outside. Your client may like to visit with neighbors or walk the dog when doing this.

Table Games

Puzzles, card games and board games are not restricted to indoor use. You can do these activities outside too! Beware of wind and rain, but other than that, enjoy!

You do provide in-home care, but you can also help yourself and your clients by enjoying activities outside.

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