Overcoming Senior Resistance to Home Care


Overcoming Senior Resistance to Home Care

Home care can be a big help to seniors and their families. Skilled professionals can assist older adults with activities of daily living, while their loved ones can be offered some peace of mind. Despite the benefits, sometimes seniors may be resistant to welcoming a new person into their house, but there are some steps that family members can take to make the transition as easy as possible.

Most importantly, family members should make sure to communicate their elderly relative’s specific needs to the home care agency. For instance, having to manage multiple chronic conditions would require a different level of care compared to someone who only needs help with things like homemaking and meal preparation. Though communication with the home care agency is critical, loved ones also need to have an open discussion with their parent or grandparent.

Family caregivers need to clearly demonstrate to their loved ones how professional help can improve their well-being. For instance, highlight the fact that having someone to assist cleaning up around the house can reduce their risk of suffering from a fall. Family members also should involve their loved ones in the decision-making process at every step of the way.

Welcoming someone new into one’s home is always a change, but helping seniors become more accepting of it could improve their health.

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