Exercise Safety for Seniors


Exercise Safety for Seniors

Keeping fit as you age can improve your health and quality of life. However, balance and coordination can be affected by aging, and changing your fitness routine to reflect your needs is important. For seniors who have home care, supervised exercise can help prevent injury. Read these tips for how to stay safe at the gym or during home workouts, and look forward to improving your mind, body and mood.

Before starting any kind of exercise plan, see a doctor to get a clear health check. This decreases any risk of injury or discomfort while exercising. Staying active shouldn’t make you feel aches and pains, so you may want to start slow and ease into a routine that works for your body and needs. When you get into a daily or weekly routine, staying hydrated will keep you from feeling dizzy while working out. Remember, if you don’t feel well, it’s best to stop and take a break.

The best way to stay active is to find a program you love and stick with it! Fitness classes, personal trainers or group programs are widely available for seniors and can be a great way to socialize and get out of the house.

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