Health symptoms that should never be ignored


Health Symptoms That Should Never Be Ignored

Your body knows best when it comes to health, and when you, your client or your loved one begin developing symptoms, there are some that should not be ignored. For example, getting sudden, intense headaches can signal a number of health problems making a doctor's appointment necessary so conditions such as cardiac cephalgia, meningitis and temporal arteritis can be ruled out.

The most well-known cause of chest pain is a heart attack, so any intense discomfort or pressure should be addressed immediately. It's important not to ignore these pains in your chest because doing so can cause extensive damage to the cardiovascular tissue. If it isn't a heart attack, it can also be gastrointestinal reflux disease, a condition that causes the esophagus to contract.

The most difficult symptoms to recognize are those of a stroke. Oftentimes, they're called "silent strokes" because your body gives no indication at all that its having one. If you or your loved one has had a transient ischemic attack (TIA), there are signs. These include having a hard time speaking because the mouth doesn't move as quickly, as well as a sensitivity to light and loss of basic motor skills or comprehension.

Although the symptoms of a TIA can disappear as quickly as they came, stroke home care services can help provide assistance to a loved one at risk of having a stroke.

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