Look out for these illnesses in 2014


Look out for these illnesses in 2014

Health headlines from 2013 show that last year held many changes, but while the Affordable Care Act may have been a big news story, infectious diseases provided a wide variety of top stories. Even if you are feeling well, it is important for you and your senior home care services personnel to keep these illnesses in mind:

Bird Flu

It has only been a few years since we first heard the phrase "bird flu," but a new strain, called H7N9, was found in China. Although vaccines are currently being developed, about one-third of those infected are fatal cases.


Salmonella is not a new disease, but a strain that showed up in October was found to be resistant to most antibiotics, and sent more than 400 people to the hospital. Proper handling and preparation of food is always key, no matter how modern packaging gets.

Northern Expansion

As climate change takes effect, areas that were once too cold for ticks and other insects are now becoming breeding grounds. One of the biggest stories of the year was the first recorded case of chikungunya, a disease that's carried by mosquitos, in the Western Hemisphere.

Want to help prevent the spread of these infections for the people in your care? Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office today to find out about how our caregivers can help prepare food and spot illness early and prevent the spread of viruses.

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