Volunteer opportunities for seniors


Volunteer opportunities for seniors

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Many seniors struggle with having a lot of time on their hands, and need help finding something to keep them occupied. One great way for seniors to stay busy is by volunteering! If you are an in-home senior care provider, here are three volunteer opportunities your client might be interested in:

Animal shelters
Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, even if it's just someone who can spend time socializing with the dogs and cats. This would be a great way for your client to volunteer, especially if they sometimes struggle with feelings of sadness. Being with animals is very therapeutic, and the animals love to be around people too!

Becoming a Foster Grandparent
Foster Grandparents is a program that places people over the age of 55 in places like schools and hospitals so that they can help care for children and teenagers in various ways. Seniors involved in the program are able to tutor children, mentor kids with disabilities and even spend time with troubled teens.

Being a docent
You might be surprised at how many places near you are always looking for volunteer tour guides and docents. Your client may be interested in volunteering at a museum or public library, helping give tours and information to guests. 

If you can find a volunteer opportunity that works for your client, it's a great way to add structure to their day and keep them busy.

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