The best apps for seniors.


The most helpful apps for seniors

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Today's technology-driven world means that seniors are also learning how to navigate computers, smartphones and tablets. Due to the large number of older adults who are figuring out how use these devices, apps are being created to help make their lives easier. 

Here are the top apps you can share with your clients of senior care services:

    • Tell My Geo: This app is only available on Android devices, but it gives health care providers, including emergency responders, the ability to view personal health records on a smartphone or tablet. It can also help caregivers track a client or loved one who has wandered off. 
    • Pillboxie: Available for iPad and iPhone, Pillboxie helps clients remember to take their medication at a specific time. Medications can be customized with different combinations of colors to help ensure that seniors aren't forgetting to take their pills.
    • Pain Care: Seniors can download this app on an iPhone or Android device for free. Pain Care allows the user to electronically log the location and intensity of a pain they are feeling to help improve accuracy of reporting it to their doctor.
    • Brain Fit: Download this app on an iPhone to participate in challenges that will help your client improve their mental health.
    • Learning more family history and genealogy is a favorite hobby among seniors. The app, available on iPhone and Android, allows users to explore their history and create a family tree.
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