Fun activities to do with your client indoors this winter


Fun activities to do with your client indoors this winter

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With the changing weather keeping you and your client from enjoying the outdoors, you might be trying to think of fun ways to spend your time inside the house. The season shouldn't keep you from having a great time, so get creative with your indoor activities this year. If you're an in-home elder care provider, do these fun and silly activities with your client this winter:

Get musical
Stay active with your client by putting on some music and singing and dancing along. Put on old swing or crooner music they used to listen to or energetic Christmas carols and dance until you can't anymore - keep the moves fun and easy so your client can do them too.

Make holiday crafts
Deck your client's halls with handmade holiday crafts that you make together! String popcorn and wrap it around a garland or tree, paint old plain ornaments your client has to spruce them up and make chains and wreaths out of green and red wrapping paper!

Work on a puzzle
If it's particularly dreary outside, cuddle up indoors with a jigsaw puzzle. Doing a puzzle can actually help keep seniors' minds engaged, and you'll both feel accomplished when it's done. Take breaks for some warm soup or to walk up and down the stairs of few times to get in a little activity. 

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