Emergency preparedness tips for senior caregivers


Emergency preparedness tips for senior caregivers

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Medical emergencies happen all the time, and serious health problems are more likely to occur in seniors than others. If you are an at-home senior care provider, you should be prepared for any medical emergency, so that you can act at a moment's notice to get your client to safety. Here are a few tips to help you stay prepared for an emergency:

Set up a hospital bag
Pack a bag to keep by your client's front door, or even in the car, for when he or she needs to go to the hospital. You should include any medications your client takes and all insurance information, toiletries for both of you, extra clothes, pajamas and snacks. 

Keep your car ready
Make sure your car is always ready for a quick departure: Keep it full of gas and make sure it's never parked in a spot that will get blocked.

Set up your client's phone
Make sure your client's phone has the contact numbers of all family members and caregivers that emergency responders can call in case something happens when they're alone. Mark all the numbers ICE, meaning in case of emergency.

Consider an emergency alert system
Your clients may feel more safe with an emergency alert bracelet or home system that they can activate if something happens and they can't call for help. If so, talk to your clients' families about getting one set up quickly.

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