Help your client beat holiday loneliness.


Help your client beat holiday loneliness

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It's very common for people to feel lonely or depressed during the holidays. At a time when it seems like everyone else is merry, feeling lonely can be even more isolating. Providers of elderly home care services can take action to help their clients through holiday loneliness:

Have your client talk about it
If you are an at-home senior care provider with a client who is feeling sad or lonely around the holidays, make sure to let them talk about what they're feeling. Open up a conversation so that they know it's OK to feel sad, and that it's completely normal from time to time. Plus, sometimes it's easier to deal with feelings after talking to someone else about it.

Be festive
Sometimes it can seem like your client with the holiday blues might be better off if you try to avoid festivities altogether. The better way to beat feelings of sadness, though, is to join in on the fun. Decorate your client's house, invite their family over to hang ornaments on the tree and play fun holiday music. 

Stay busy
Keep your client active - the less down time they have, the less time they have to dwell on their sadness. Have friends and family come over and play games, take them on walks in the park or around the mall and see if they're interested in volunteering.

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