Help Your Client Develop Stronger Bones


Help Your Client Develop Stronger Bones

Help Your Client Develop Stronger Bones

Providers of elderly home care services often have clients who are at risk for or already suffer from osteoporosis. Bones naturally weaken with age, becoming more porous and fragile over time. In many seniors, this and other genetic factors result in osteoporosis, a disease that affects about 10 million Americans. While things like age, race, gender and family history all play roles in whether someone will get osteoporosis, there are ways for seniors to keep their bones as strong and healthy as possible. Keep these factors in mind to help your at-home senior care clients develop stronger bones:

Nutrition is a very important factor in building stronger bones. Help your clients by incorporating plenty of vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium into their diets. Calcium helps bind bone proteins together, and vitamins D and K play a role in helping the bones absorb the calcium they need. Some say those who eat Mediterranean diets tend to have stronger bones, because the diet emphasizes fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and antioxidants.  

Activities that build muscles and weight-bearing exercises are both important for improving bone density and strength. Help your client stay active with weight-bearing exercises like taking walks or spending time on an elliptical machine. Resistance bands are a great way for seniors to build and tone their muscles. 


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