Cardiology patients' memory issues often overlooked


Good Heart Health Could Mean Good Brain Health

A new study published in The American Journal of Cardiology found cardiologists overlooked memory issues in almost 50 percent of elderly heart patients.

Dr. Olivier Hanon told Reuters that suffering from memory issues can affect how well men and women stick to taking their medications on a regular basis, and cognitive issues can increase the risk of death.

Hanon and his team examined 912 participants who'd been hospitalized for heart failure in the past 12 months, were at least 70 years old and were under the care of a cardiologist in France in 2009. Doctors use a four-word recall test to assess patients' cognitive ability, and based on that 46 percent of the men and women showed impairment. Previously, before the testing, only 12 percent of deficiencies were recognized.

Reuters said that memory issues of cognitive dysfunction not only makes seniors less likely to take their medications, but it also hinders them from appearing for appointments and changing their eating habits. Senior care services can provide assistance with all of these situations to ensure that older adult with memory loss continue to be well-taken care of within the comforts of their own home.

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