Yogurt Could Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

It's no secret that eating nutritious foods can lower the risk of certain diseases, and researchers have discovered how yogurt in particular offers some unique health benefits.

A new study published in the journal in Diabetologia found that eating yogurt four or five times a week could significantly lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Investigators analyzed data from the EPIC-Norfolk study that included more than 25,000 participants from the U.K., and compared the daily food and drink consumption of participants. They found that 753 men and women developed new-onset Type 2 Diabetes over 11 years out of 3,502 randomly chosen individuals, which allowed the team to analyze the risk of diabetes in relation to dairy products. The results showed that individuals who had the highest intake of low-fat fermented products such as yogurt were 24 percent less likely to develop the blood glucose disease.

Science Daily noted that the study doesn't prove eating yogurt causes a reduction in the risk for diabetes, but it does contain Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium in addition to probiotic bacteria, a form of vitamin K, that's linked to fermentation. These could be beneficial in keeping the body healthier.

Senior care services can assure that older adults at risk for diabetes eat at least four to five servings of a yogurt a week to help reduce the chances of them developing the disease.

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