Incorporating meditation in a senior's healthcare can be beneficial.


What are the different types of meditation?

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Incorporating meditation in a senior's healthcare can be beneficial.

As part of an overall health and wellness plan, senior care services can incorporate meditation practices to help older adults ease anxiety, depression and pain, which can be the result of suffering carious medical conditions.

Meditation connects the mind and body and allows practitioners to focus on the present moment, slowing breathing and heart rate to find a more relaxed state. These are some of the most common types of meditation in home elder care could provide:

Zen: This form of meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and for zen meditation, the practitioner sits still and concentrates on their breathing while staying in the moment.

Kinhin: This is a type of Zen meditation that's practiced while walking, which works well if a senior needs to incorporate more physical activity into their lifestyle. According to LiveScience, this is done while stepping slowly and directing attention to the feet.

Manta: To practice mantra meditation, seniors will repeat a mantra, which is a word or a phrase, over and over either out loud or in their heads during the session. Having a mantra helps focus the mind and keeps it from wandering. This can be used during yoga with "om" or a positive phrase or word can be chosen such as "let it go" or "peace."

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