Volunteer options for mobile seniors


Volunteer options for mobile seniors

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After retirement, seniors may be happy to stop working but may still want to contribute to their community. This is a great opportunity for older adults to start serving as volunteers, especially if they are still mobile. Volunteering lets your patients engage in a passion or find meaning in helping others.

Here are some volunteer options you can suggest as part of your elderly home care service:

Animal shelter: If your patient has a passion for pets, they can volunteer at an animal shelter. There are plenty of ways to get involved in these organizations from caring for animals to helping plan events.

Tutoring: If the senior is a former teacher or always enjoyed school, they can volunteer their services as a tutor. This allows them to help kids in the subject the senior excels in, whether it's math, English or science.

Soup kitchens: If your patient has a love of helping those in need, volunteering at a soup kitchen or food pantry could be up their alley. Older adults can serve meals, help with office tasks, sort through donated foods and participate in a variety of other tasks.

Museums: Seniors who love art and/or history can opt to volunteer at a gallery or museum as a docent. This allows them to engage with others and share their passion and knowledge of what's on display. Other options include volunteering to work on programs or activities.

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