Music Therapy Can Help Seniors' Brains


Music Therapy Can Help Seniors' Brains

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Regardless of preferences on genre and style, music is something that all people can appreciate, no matter their age. Songs and lyrics can be associated with a variety of memories and feelings, and music has been shown to calm nerves, ease stress and help people relax.

Individuals providing elderly home care services for patients at risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease can use music therapy to keep older adults' cognitive function higher and possibly help slow the progression of the illness. Additionally, music offers an opportunity for social interaction through singing, active listening or playing, which can distract from pain or negative feelings a sick senior may be experiencing.

Music therapy helps to:

    • Assist people recall memories
    • Reduce stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort
    • Boost mood
    • Increase awareness

Caregivers can provide music therapy by:

    • Singing familiar songs for seniors and having them give the title
    • Playing some of the patient's favorite songs and have them tell you a memory associated with them
    • Putting on soothing music while the patient relaxes or meditates
    • Listening to music while you go for a walk or have a dance party with the patient
    • Having a senior sing along to his or her favorite tunes

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