3 fun summer activities that are safe for seniors


3 fun summer activities that are safe for seniors

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During the summer months, seniors will likely want to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and sunshine, but as a provider of elderly home care services, it's important to remember that the heat and sun present dangers to older adults.

Here are three activities that clients can enjoy while staying safe this summer:

Go swimming: If your clients enjoy being in the water, they can get some physical activity while also enjoying the warmth of the sun swimming laps in a local outdoor pool. The water will keep them cool, but be sure to remind them to wear waterproof sunscreen.

Have a picnic: It can be fun and relaxing to have a picnic lunch in the backyard or a nearby park. Help your client pack sandwiches, snacks and plenty of water, and recommend that he or she wear a hat and loose, light-colored clothing before dining al fresco.

Plant a garden: If your clients enjoys working outdoors and growing their own fruits or vegetables, you can encourage them to plant a garden. It's best for them to plant under or near a tree that will provide shade. Suggest that they work in the morning or evening to avoid the highest temperatures.

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