Top 10 activities to share with dementia clients

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Each client you work with as part of senior care services will have his or her own unique needs and requirements. For example, those with limited mobility will need you to help them move around the house or complete tasks like grocery shopping. Additionally, Alzheimer's and dementia clients will need assistance remembering information such as names of family members, significant dates, where the keys are and what day/month/year it is.

For these older adults, providing them with cognitive activities is important to keep their brain functioning and many also assist with memory. Working on cognitive function through games, puzzles and other fun things to do allows clients to enjoy themselves while also helping their health.

Here are the top 10 activities to do with dementia clients:

    1. Finish a crossword puzzle or word search
    2. Do a jigsaw puzzle
    3. Put together a scrapbook or timeline
    4. Play a picture matching game
    5. Bake cookies from scratch
    6. Listen to music and have them name each song
    7. Take a walk around the block
    8. Write and mail letters to family and friends
    9. Read aloud from a favorite book
    10. Paint with watercolors
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