Teaching clients to video chat


Teaching clients to video chat

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Technology in today's world moves quickly. Soon after the latest gadget comes out, it seems like there's an upgrade. Luckily, with such advancements, technology has made staying connected with friends and family members easier than ever.

Senior care services, you may have clients with loved ones who are living all around the world. Older adults may be connected via social media, but sometimes it's nice to chat with a person face-to-face, even if it's through screens. Video chatting can be a great way for seniors to stay in touch with friends and family, and are some tips you can suggest to get them started:

Explain their options: Seniors who have the same type of smartphone as loved ones can use the video chat feature. For example, iPhone users can connect via FaceTime. Another option is to download Skype on a smartphone or computer and video chat through this service. If they opt for Skype, you can help them set up an account.

Check the lighting: Video chatting won't work if your client can't see his or her loved ones. Suggest that he or she make sure the lighting is good before making a video chat call so that the caller's face is easily visible, and the caller can see his or her face too.

Act natural: Clients may feel silly talking to a machine, but remind them they are actually talking to a friend or family member, so they can just act as they normally would while having a conversation.

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