Encourage your clients to socialize with others.


Socializing benefits seniors' health

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One of the great parts about in-home companion care is that it offers seniors a chance to socialize and interact with another person and provides them with individualized emotional and physical support. This socialization can actually benefit the seniors' health. Studies have found socializing to positively affect a senior's memory, immune system, cognition and blood pressure, and it can even help treat and prevent depression. If you provide in home care for seniors, encourage them to socialize with others as well! There are many options for seniors to interact and have fun with others in their own age group. Here are a few ideas: 

    • Clubs: What are your clients' favorite hobbies and activities? Whether they enjoy quilting, gardening, reading or anything else, there is likely a club they can join to share their passion with others. 
    • Senior centers: Senior centers consistently offer fun and exciting classes, meetings, games and activities for seniors to get involved in. Consider finding a senior center in the area and going with your client to check out everything they offer. Pick up a schedule of events and keep track of what's coming up.
    • Fitness classes: Knock out two birds with one stone by encouraging your clients to get involved in senior fitness classes. Local recreation centers, gyms and the YMCA are good bets for finding healthy and fun classes your clients will enjoy.
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