Three ways to prevent falls in the house.


3 important ways to prevent falls at home

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As seniors age, their chances of falling increase, which can often lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In-home elder care is a great option for seniors who want to continue living in their own homes, but living at home comes with some serious hazards. If you provide at-home senior care, here are three important ways to prevent falls and make your clients' homes safe:

1. Install assistive devices
There are certain areas in the home where seniors need a little extra support, like in the bathroom or on stairs. To keep your clients safe, make sure sturdy railings are installed along either side of any stairways in the home. Your clients' bathrooms should have grab bars near the shower and toilet that they can hold onto while climbing in and out of the shower or bathtub and standing up after using the toilet.

2. Remove trip hazards
Common trip hazards found in many homes include area rugs, power cords and general clutter, so work with your client to remove any of these from pathways. Area rugs can either be secured using double-sided tape or removed completely, and power cords should be secured against walls. 

3. Increase the lighting
Poor vision is one of the most common reasons seniors trip and fall, so making sure all of the rooms in your clients' houses are well-lit is a must. Add lamps when needed, and try to keep curtains and blinds open during the day.

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