Family Heirlooms Carry on Holiday Traditions


Family Heirlooms Carry on Holiday Traditions

Heriloom Green Lady

With less than a week to go before Thanksgiving, I've already begun planning our family get-together. While venues may change and as a family's makeup shifts with joyous additions of members and sad passing's of others there is something about the consistency of holiday traditions that are an anchor for many families.

For our family the item that no holiday table would be complete without is what we like to call the "green lady". This depression era piece is an art deco glass sculpture of a lady sitting on top of a base that is used to hold single flowers around it's square foundation. My dad used to bring my mom daisies to adorn this item. This year will be the first thanksgiving that my dad will not be with us due to his death in January. The tradition of the flower bearer will now be passed down to my husband who will proudly shop for the green ladies adornment.

Herilooms create unique stories and carry traditions throughout the changing years. Meg McConahey wrote an article I'd like to share with you about these kinds of items and what they've meant to her.

Family Herilooms Meg Mc Conahey

Heirlooms like the green lady that sit in curio cabinets the remainder of the calendar year often have a unique power during the holidays. As you plan your Thanksgiving event, what is the heirloom piece that represents your holiday traditions the best?  What traditions are you building for your children and what stories do your family's elders share with you?  

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