Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Holiday Gifts For Your Senior Loved One

We have heard the line, "It's the thought that counts" when talking about gift giving, but all too often we think that our gifts will be judged by their wrapping, monetary value or size, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Think back to when you received a gift from your 1st grader, young nephew or neighbor child. This age group is not known for their gift wrapping skills or their bank accounts, but they sure do give great gifts. Many of us still to this day have the painted rock that was given to us in a brown paper bag, or the tie that was decorated with markers and glitter. No present we have received since has had that staying power.

So we come to today, when we need to give a gift to a senior in our life, the person that lives in a small apartment or needs nothing. Let's take a page from the past and create gifts for this person that truly represent the season where love and appreciation should shine over anything else.

Ten Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts to Share with a Senior:

    1. DVD compilation of the year 2015 or a special event in your family.  Add music, especially favorite songs or a grandchild singing and you have an even bigger winner (make sure that if there is no DVD player or understanding of how to use the machine is lacking include a player or lessons as part of the package)
    2. Large-print books or magazine subscription ( has several large print magazine subscriptions for order)
    3. Stationary, envelopes, variety of greeting cards and roll of stamps in a decorative box (this is perfect for the senior who may not be mobile or able to drive to the store to get a last minute birthday or get well card)
    4. Gift certificates to grocery store, restaurants (ones that deliver are the best), pharmacy
    5. Supplies for a favorite hobby or craft
    6. Light weight magnifying glass or adjustable lamp
    7. Donation to their favorite charity in their name
    8. Season tickets to local theater, museum or sports team
    9. Make up your own "X of the month club". Maybe you send a postcard a month from a place you have visited, or a photo each month of their grandchild or grand-pet. If you live close maybe it is a flower arrangement of the month (fresh from your garden is even better), or brunch on the town once a month.  
    10. Calendar with family photo on each page and all the family birth dates, anniversaries, etc written on the days.

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