Celebrate Valentine's Day with your clients' grandchildren

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If you provide non medical in home care, you and your clients are probably already preparing for Valentine's Day. However, since the sweet holiday is time to show affection and love for your friends and family members, why not get their grandkids in on the celebrations? Here are some ways your clients and their grandchildren can celebrate the loving holiday this year:

Do some arts and crafts
Getting creative with holiday crafts is a great way for kids and their grandparents to spend time learning about each others' lives, so set up some fun projects. Use red and pink construction paper to make pretty cards for each other, or have everyone work together to create a wreath of paper hearts that you can hang on the wall.

Make treats
Between homemade cookies, cakes and anything chocolate-covered, the possibilities are endless! Have the seniors and children help each other prepare a sweet treat and enjoy the time working as a team.

Go on a "date"
Help your clients' grandchildren prepare for a fun Valentine's Day date with their grandmas or grandpas by buying a box of chocolates or a pretty bouquet and making a sweet card. Then gather for a classic movie that both kids and grandparents will love, such as "Mary Poppins" or "The Wizard of Oz."

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