Ensure your clients' online dating activity is scam-free.


When your clients date online: Scam awareness

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Many people in their golden years find themselves single, but still want companionship as much as they ever did. Therefore, as you provide senior care, you may well come across situations in which your clients have active romantic lives. Of course, handling this with respect and giving your clients as much privacy as possible around their dating lives will make everything much easier for everyone involved. But you may have specific concerns, too. If your clients are using the Internet to look for love, as is now increasingly common, you may want to stay in the loop on their activity to see whether they are being scammed.

Most of the people on online dating sites are just looking for dates, but some intend to prey on vulnerable seniors. Building an emotional connection online can be easy, especially with someone who is lonely and looking for companionship - and scammers exploit this. Once they have built a rapport with a senior, these scammers then make up stories of emergencies that require financial remedies. They may even pretend to be reluctant to ask for money. According to AARP, the average amount seniors lose on these scams is $10,000. Make sure you have a conversation with your clients who are dating about best practices and scam awareness.


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