2 phrases caregivers should make use of

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Whether caregivers are professionals providing in home care for seniors or family members fitting in their caregiving duties between jobs and family life, it's important for them to keep an eye on their own health. Caregiver stress is a very common symptom of providing care for seniors, and it's often up to the caregivers to know when they're becoming burned out and how they can avoid it. Here are two phrases caregivers should use often to avoid becoming burned out, overstressed or depressed:

1. "Can you help me?" 
Learning to ask for and accept help is one of the most important ways caregivers can avoid burnout. If you feel like you're constantly trying to keep your head above water, take some time to write down your various responsibilities and brainstorm who can help you with them. You may be surprised at how many tasks your friends and family members actually want to help you with.

2. "Sorry, but I can't."
You should also learn how to say "no" - and especially how to do so without feeling guilt. Providers of elderly care are always taking care of others, which can make it hard to take guilt-free time for themselves, but it's an essential way to stay healthy and lead a balanced life.


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