Know the Signs and Symptoms of Malnutrition

Elderly Nutrition

Your mom was always the one who made sure you didn’t skip meals, ate all your vegetables and limited your intake of sweets. Now that’s she’s older, you may need to start doing the same for her.

Many seniors are at risk for malnutrition. Studies have shown poor habits at the dinner table can lead to lots of trips to the doctor’s office. As we age, our sense of taste and smell can decrease, making foods seem bland and impacting the desire to eat. Dental problems can also play a part. Sometimes medications or dietary restrictions are to blame; certain drugs can affect appetite, digestion or the absorption of nutrients. Hearing, vision and mobility loss can also affect a senior’s ability to shop for food and cool meals.

So how can you tell if mom is malnourished?

    • Find out what she is eating. Join her for meals; look in her pantry.

    • Is she losing weight? Check to see if her clothing is too big.

    • Does she have wounds that won’t heal?

    • Does she bruise easily?

    • Is she having problems with her teeth?

Here’s what you can do to help:

    • Ask her doctor to help identify the cause of the problem and address it.

    • Spice up her food. Lemon juice, herbs and other seasonings can make bland foods more appealing.

    • Add extra nutrition. Put wheat germ on cereal, and add extra egg whites and cheese to omelets. Mix nuts and fruit into yogurt. Serve whole milk.

    • Make meals more social. Drop in for lunch or dinner. Encourage activities that involve socializing and eating with others.

SYNERGY HomeCare is committed to helping seniors eat right. Caregivers from SYNERGY HomeCare can prepare nutritious meals for your elderly loved one while providing much needed conversation and companionship.

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