Gift Ideas for Elderly Mothers


Gift Ideas for Elderly Mothers

Making Mother’s Day More Memorable

Do it with an age appropriate gift for your elderly loved one

 Gift Ideas For Elderly Mothers

 Sure, you can get mom flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day, but those have all been done before. Why not get her something unique and useful? If your mom isn’t 40 years old, don’t get her something for a 40-year-old. Think of her age and something that would fit her needs today. Some ideas:


Jitterbug Cell Phone: iPhones are difficult for most people to operate – especially elderly people. This cell phone has large, easy to read buttons, simple rate plans and no contracts.



Freedom Dinnerware SnackBowl: This is ideal for women with arthritis. It has  suction that keeps the bowl from moving, so it is spill-proof! It’s also unbreakable and dishwasher safe.



Medical ID Bracelets: If you’re going to wear one, it might as well be pretty, right? These come in a variety of styles and colors so it’ll fit the personality of the mother wearing it.





Rely-a-Light: This is a light made for emergency situations that is perfect for elderly people. When the power goes out, a battery operated bulb in the lamp turns on. There is also a plug to charge a phone or tablet.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a little personalization. Have her grandchildren make something – like a bookmark with their artwork on it, a potted plant with their handprints on the pot or have a puzzle made with a family picture. Seeing these familiar reminders of family and love will make her smile every time she uses the gift.


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