The List That Could Save A Life

The -List -That -Could -Save -A-Life


When you become caregiver for an elderly relative, you have to wear many hats – cook, chauffeur, and housekeeper to name just a few.  If your loved ones suffer from health issues, one of your most important jobs will be managing their medications.

85-year-old Bill takes more than a dozen prescription and over-the-counter medications for conditions ranging from arthritis to high cholesterol and heart disease. He can’t remember the names of all of his medications, so his son has made him a detailed list.

A list like this can be a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from multiple medical conditions. This is what it should contain:

  • The patient’s full name and date of birth

  • Your name and contact info

  • Full names of all medications and if they are generic

  • The dosage – how many mg and how often it is taken

  • What it looks like – Is it a pill, liquid, or capsule? What color is it? Is there writing on it??

  • The condition it was prescribed to treat

  • Any side effects suffered by the patient

  • Instructions on when it should be taken (e.g. twice a day) and how (e.g. with food)

  • The name and number of the prescribing doctor and the pharmacy

  • Any over the counter products (e.g. antacids or laxatives) or vitamins the patient takes

  • Any allergies the patient suffers (e.g. peanuts or penicillin)

Make several copies of the list: One for the patient to carry in a wallet or purse, one or more for caregivers to keep, and one to post on the refrigerator at the patient’s home.  Give a copy of the list to any medical professional that treats your loved one. Remember to update the list should anything change, as an outdated list could do more harm than good.


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