Finding the Right Caregiver


Finding the Right Caregiver

Finding The Right Caregiver

As Kyle’s parents aged, he found he needed to do more and more for them. He paid their bills, did the yard work and scheduled doctors’ appointments. But with a full-time job and a family of his own, Kyle couldn’t keep running over to his parents’ home every time they needed something. So, he decided to hire a caregiver to come in a few hours every day to help out.

If you think your parents could use help taking care of themselves, talk with them about it. Older people can be set in their ways and may not be open to the idea. They often don’t want to admit they need help. Kyle handled it by telling his dad he was going to get him “a butler” to help them out – something the 85-year-old found very appealing.

Once your parents are on board, the most important thing is to find someone trustworthy. The caregiver also needs to be reliable – someone who will be there on time and be mindful of your parents’ schedules, as well. Do background checks and ask for references.

Take their personality into account, and consider how they will get along with your parents. Someone who is very talkative and outgoing might be too much if your parents are private people. Or it could be just what Mom and Dad need to encourage them to stay active.

You will also want to find someone who can provide care while still fostering a sense of independence. Even though your parents are older, they don’t need to be babied.

Kyle found a caregiver for his parents through SYNERGY HomeCare, and they can help you find one as well. Click here to contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare agency for details.


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