True Story Will Make Your Day - SYNERGY HomeCare Awards Caregiver of the Year 2016

SYNERGY HomeCare offices employ approximately 10,500 caregivers providing care for clients from coast to coast. Every year one well deserving caregiver is awarded the prestigious title of “Caregiver of the Year.”

Hundreds of caregivers are considered, each with their own incredible stories of caring for their clients. Reading the applications requires a box of tissues and is a beautiful reminder of our caregiver’s dedication to the lives of their clients.

SYNERGY Home Care 2016 Caregiver Of The Year Mamie Conway

Tom Horanoff, Mamie Conway & Tina Romero

On September 19, 2016, our Caregiver of the Year was awarded to Mamie Conway, representing our Piscataway, New Jersey office. Mamie has spent her entire adult life dedicated to caring for others. Mamie does not treat her work as a caregiver as "just a job." She treats her client, Cecile, like her own mother and Cecile’s well-being is Mamie's utmost priority. Mamie continuously takes educational courses to help her better care for Cecile’s worsening dementia. Cecile’s family repeatedly expressed their gratitude for Mamie's commitment to their mother. They recognize it would be hard for them and their Mom to have the quality of life they now have, if they did not have Mamie and SYNERGY HomeCare. 

Below are excerpts from the handwritten nomination letter that Cecile’s family sent to our Piscataway owner.

Mamie has brought so much love and light into my Mom's life, and while I know there is no possible way to repay her for all that she does, I'm hoping this nomination for SYNERGY's HomeCare, Caregiver of the Year will help to recognize how truly special Mamie is. 

SYNERGY Home Care 2016 Caregiver Of The Year Mamie Conway And Her Client Cecile

"When Mamie is with our Mother, our family can relax with confidence that the care being given to my Mother is equal or better than the care we could give to her ourselves."  - Cecile's family.

My Mom could not receive better care on a daily basis. Mamie is kind, caring and respectful to her in every way. Mamie goes above and beyond always, her expertise and knowledge allow us to have a better understanding of what my Mom is going through and how to work with it every step of the way. My mom suffers from dementia, and she requires constant companionship and care. From the moment Mamie arrives until the minute she leaves, she gives my Mom her undivided attention. She always comes through the door with a smile that lights up the room. Mamie has never been late to work nor has she ever missed a day of work. Mamie's dedication to her job and my Mom is second to none!

Every morning Mamie prepares my Mom a delicious hot breakfast. Mamie always eats alongside my Mom, so she does not have to eat alone. She tries to engage her in conversation. After breakfast, Mamie showers my Mom which can often be very challenging. Somehow she gets it done and even manages to beautifully style her hair. Mamie is a very proud woman, she always makes sure my Mom looks and feels good about herself.

2016 has been a challenging year for my Mom; she has suffered some health events. Unfortunately, last spring my Mom escaped from her adult day care program, she was missing for nearly five hours, she suffered cuts, bruises and chipped two teeth. My Mom was found in the woods; she was very disoriented and tired. The next day my Mom had to go to the emergency room for a thorough physical exam, this is easier said than done for a woman with mid to late stage dementia. Mamie was right by her side the entire time. She helped my Mom into her hospital gown. She calmly explained what the doctors were doing which included blood work, X-rays, cat scans and more. Mamie reassured my Mom that she was doing a wonderful job!

In early May my Mom passed out and again Mamie was right by my Mom's side, holding her hand in the back of the ambulance. Once they arrived at the emergency room, Mamie stayed by her side to comfort her and then insisted on escorting her to her room for observation. Again in a challenging situation for a woman living with dementia to be displaced. The morning when my Mom was to be discharged, Mamie went to the house to change the bedding, clean the bathroom and prepare my Mom's home for arrival, and she made a meal for her to enjoy.

Exactly one week following this episode my Mom was scheduled for a bladder surgery. Mamie accompanied us to the hospital. Once in the pre-op area, the nurses attempted to insert an IV into my Mom's arm. They were having difficulty. Mamie distracted my Mom while holding her other hand. After surgery, Mamie helped to make sure that my Mom would not remove her IV. This was a very stressful day, and I'm not sure what I would have done without Mamie's help. I was sitting on one side of my Mother's bed, and Mamie sat on the other. Mamie had worked in the hospital as a CNA, so her experience was invaluable. Once released from the hospital my Mom was so fortunate to have Mamie keep an eye on her throughout her recovery process.

These are just a few of the many stories I can share about Mamie. When Mamie is with our Mother, our family can relax with confidence that the care being given to my Mother is equal or better than the care we could give to her ourselves.

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud of Mamie, and the thousands of SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers that represent the highest standard of caregiving. Mamie and all the SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers are the heartbeat of SYNERGY HomeCare.


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