Our People are the Heart of SYNERGY HomeCare - Part 2

In honor of national caregiver month, SYNERGY HomeCare is shining the spotlight on some of our extraordinary caregivers. We have so many heart-filled stories to share that we had to write a two-part blog which doesn't come close to representing the thousands of caregivers who serve our clients every day.  Thank you to our entire SYNERGY HomeCare family for always going the extra mile for our clients. Your selflessness is what makes SYNERGY HomeCare the best home care company.

In His Own Words 

Randy Williams | SYNERGY HomeCare  Northwest Atlanta, GA


"I became a CNA because it’s in my DNA to help and serve others. I’ve always lived by the philosophy — If you’re too busy to help, then you’re too busy." Taking the focus off yourself and your needs and giving another of your time, experience, etc., will fill you in ways that no material thing ever will.

Recently, I was assigned to care for a veteran. My first day with him was typical up until I asked him what I could make him to eat. He told me he had no money to buy any food. This man served his country and had no money to buy food. This was unacceptable! He had numbers to some food pantries. I contacted the food banks and now he receives food on a regular basis.”

Calling to Care

Charity Perry | SYNERGY HomeCare Ashland, VA

Charity Perry 2017a (1)

Charity grew up in a large southern family caring for her family members is just what she did. Charity believes that being a caregiver is her calling, whether it’s caring for a client living with Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, Charity brings a calm sense of confidence and reassurance to everyone in her presence.   

Through Charity’s bright smile, calm demeanor, and determination, she gives her clients and their families peace of mind. Charity declares, “caregiving is spiritual for me, some people go to church, some find it in nature, I find it in caring for people.” Charity follows her heart and has made life better for all those she has cared for.

Making an Impact

Debbie Shankle | SYNERGY HomeCare Edmond, Ok

 Debbie Shankle W _ Blanket  (1)

Debbie Shankle is one of the most engaging caregivers the team at the Edmond, Oklahoma office has ever met. One example of this includes a memory sensory quilt she created for a client who loves fishing. This quilt included lures, fishing wire, etc. to bring the client back to his favorite hobby. To help a woman she cared for, Debbie also made a sensory lap blanket with velcro, pockets and different textures, to help with sensory issues.

Debbie was awarded the 2017 Employee of the Year for SYNERGY HomeCare of Edmond Oklahoma.

Dedicated & Loved By All

Sharon Stauffer | SYNERGY HomeCare Carlisle, PA

Sharon Stauffer

Our caregiver Sharon Stauffer always goes above and beyond. She is dependable, and our clients love her no matter where we send her.

During the holidays Sharon went the extra mile. Sharon brought baking supplies and holiday crafts to her client’s homes. Together they baked and created homemade tree ornaments, and then enjoyed their treats. All of our clients love Sharon. We are fortunate to have Sharon as part of our SYNERGY HomeCare team. 

The Team Player

Gina Rodriguez | SYNERGY HomeCare, CO

Gina Rodriguez

Wherever there is a need, Gina Rodriguez is there to fill it. Since she started with the company two years ago, Gina has covered a multitude of positions, from caregiver to office assistant. Gina is always a team player and will take last minute requests to fill shifts even after she has worked a long day.

Gina is known for her compassion to soothe families during difficult times, and she has a knack for allowing family members to take care for themselves while their loved one is in her confident care.


SYNERGY HomeCare is the premier provider of home care services. We strive to offer our clients the highest quality of life and independence possible. Call us today for a FREE in-home care assessment (877) 432-2692.

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