Don’t Miss Senior Letters to Vets Events in Your Area


Don’t Miss Senior Letters to Vets Events in Your Area

SYNERGY Homecare is excited to introduce “Senior Letters To Vets.” This new event serves a couple of significant purposes and is very important to SYNERGY Homecare. It is such an honor to take a few minutes and give thanks and appreciation to the men and women who courageously serve our country. Seniors around the country benefit from being able to share and express their gratitude to our veterans. We invite you to join us in a “Senior Letter to Vets” event happening in your area.

SYNERGY Homecare is a workplace and community of people that serve and care. We love that many of our owners are current and former members of the military and we pride ourselves in caring for our veterans who deserve extra time and attention. Our veterans vary in age as well as physical and psychological well-being. Our staff is devoted to helping improve the quality of life for our clients and to help them get the resources that they need, including financial resources that they have earned that can help pay for the service and care they receive in their own homes.

We know that your words can make a difference, lift a spirit, create an experience and rekindle a sense of pride in the service veterans in your community have offered.

Many veterans struggle with memory problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. For them, writing and reading can help improve memory, provide them an opportunity to remember feelings of gratitude and an outlet to express emotion. Emotions can be difficult territory for some of our seniors who often feel confused and angry. The “Senior Letters To Vets” is a positive approach to feelings of gratitude that our seniors can write down and truly feel at the same time, benefitting both the senior and the veteran.

Seniors often struggle with loneliness and withdrawal. Social events are not a common part of all of our seniors’ lives so for them to be able to write to someone and share their day-to-day activities and thoughts can be a huge benefit. We recognize that for seniors, feeling a connection to other people can change the course of their health and overall quality of life, and although the purpose of this event is to provide support and encouragement to our veterans, we can see the mutual benefits from this event.

For the veterans who receive the letters, we hope this brings them feelings of encouragement, support, and friendship. Many deployed veterans don’t receive a lot of contact outside of the military and we want these letters to be a gift that helps uplift and motivate. These letters can build friendships and create a connection and bond that many veterans miss while they are away. We want to give our vets a piece of home and a reminder of how much their service is valued.

“Senior Letters to Vets” offers many benefits to many different lives. While SYNERGY Homecare works to serve and care for the people in our communities, we always want to be mindful of the veterans that have served and continue to serve and care for our country and our home. We are grateful to be able to host such an incredible event and look forward to it every year. We encourage all of our friends and neighbors to participate in this event with us and download the “Senior Letters to Vets” letterhead today.

Contact your local office to find out when they are hosting a “Senior Letter to Vets” event in your area or to get free “Senior Letters to Vets” stationary. Call 877-432-2692 for more information.



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