The Power of Senior Selfies


The Power of Senior Selfies

Step back, Millennials!

Today’s youth are not the only people who enjoy and benefit from taking and posting selfies!

senior couple holding phone with selfie showing

In fact, selfie-taking has become a fun and advantageous activity for the older population. Selfies are “technically” a social-media commodity. People enjoy taking pictures of themselves, getting “likes” and “comments” on their photos or commenting on another person’s  photos. Social media has made it incredibly easy for family and friends to stay connected even if they live hundreds of miles apart.

For seniors, the advantages don’t stop at enjoying a few comments on their posts but posting their own “selfies” can help decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation, provide the opportunity for self-expression, and can boost brain function.

Loneliness And Isolation
Seniors are constantly combating feelings of depression due to loneliness and isolation. Many seniors do not have the physical abilities to be as active in the community as they are accustomed. Some cannot drive and rely on others for transportation and many do not have the opportunity to get out of their homes and be as social as they would like. Loneliness for seniors is a very real issue that can devastate the overall health and quality of life. Seniors taking selfies and posting them on social media can help boost their self-esteem and get them interacting with friends and family that they miss and don’t get to see often. It also offers more facial recognition for young children that do not see their grandparents or great grandparents often enough to know who they are.

Most everybody can agree that taking selfies is a fun activity. People LOVE adding funny filters and borders on their photos while sharing them. So do seniors. Have you seen photos on Facebook where parents are replicating their children’s photos in silly ways to make people laugh? Taking selfies and sharing them gives seniors a fun, new way to remind their friends and families that they still have personalities and like to have fun and enjoy life.

senior woman talking selfie w her white and black dog

Photos Are Great For People With Alzheimer’s
Visual aids are great for people with Alzheimer’s, no matter what stage they are in. Selfies can help seniors engage and be present in the moment, which can be a difficult task to accomplish. Taking photos with a loved one with Alzheimer’s and creating a fun photo album can help them reminisce on recent memories and recognize other people in the photos. This is an exciting and joyful way to help your loved one feel more involved and active. In fact, see the proclamation that Gilbert, AZ mayor made about senior selfies and Alzheimer's. It's amazing!

Selfies do not have to be limited to a senior taking photos of themselves. You can help them out by taking photos with them while they are performing an activity they enjoy, having meals with grandchildren, or sitting near a favorite pond. There are dozens of ways that selfies can be made into a life-enhancing activity for seniors. Get creative and help your loved one enjoy the life they are living and be actively a part of it more often!

September is the last month to post your Senior Selfie and SYNERGY HomeCare will donate $5 to the Alzheimer's Association for every Senior Selfie posted on their Facebook page.

Get busy seniors and let's make a dent in Alzheimer's research and cure!


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