Adult son caregiver for dad, travels with help of caregivers


Adult son can travel while caregivers care for his dad

Mauro and son, MarioMario’s story: As told by the adult son, Mauro

“Hello, my name is Mauro and If I didn’t have SYNERGY HomeCare, I don’t know what I would do. I am the full-time caregiver of my father, Mario, who has dementia. At one point, my father was recovering from a severe dehydration episode and this is when I learned of SYNERGY HomeCare.

I stopped by the office and learned what they could do for my dad, and I was blown away. I realized that their services could be a solution to help me fulfill my desire to travel. From this first meeting, I made a connection and built a level of trust with SYNERGY HomeCare and I knew my father would be in good hands while I was traveling. I have taken several long trips and have hired SYNERGY HomeCare to provide respite care for my dad when I am away. Being a caregiver is taxing and SYNERGY HomeCare does it all so well. The office and the caregivers are amazing. My father enjoys the caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare and he said, “the best thing is their compassion and they treat me like an adult and not a child.”

This father and son duo live in Billings, Montana. Mauro is his father's caregiver 24/7. Statistically, caregiver burnout is the top reason why people struggle to care for their loved ones. Mauro has a love for traveling and he has partnered with SYNERGY Homecare in Billings to allow him to get the respite relief he needs to avoid caregiver burnout and so he can enjoy quality time traveling and fulfilling his passion.

Most recently, Mauro took a 17-day trip overseas and relied on SYNERGY HomeCare to provide 24/7 care to his father. He was able to enjoy his trip and had peace-of-mind that his father was in caring hands. Mario’s next trip will be this spring when he will leave for a month and travel to many countries. SYNERGY HomeCare is by their side, every step of the way, from planning prior to the trip, to the care and communication while Mauro is away and follow up and coordination at the return. 

Providing for a loved one while the family caregiver is away is a rewarding job. “Spending days and nights with a client allows you to get to know the client better and a level of trust is built. You really get an opportunity to understand a client’s needs and wants,” states SYNERGY HomeCare of Billings’ Director of Client Care, Nikki Pinkerton. At SYNERGY HomeCare we pride ourselves on providing a solution for any family. Whether it is a short visit or an extended stay visit, we are there to help!





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