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Young woman's life-plans shattered; now using 24 hour care

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Remember when you were entering your twenties with enough blind faith and intuition to know that the difference between dreams and reality is action? Unstoppable, defining your world and looking forward to the rewards of an unbridled thirst for a successful career, beautiful family and good health, right?

Those were Victoria’s dreams, too. Career-minded, engaged to be married and even thinking about having a family someday. Her dreams were shattered within seconds when a car smashed into hers at a high rate of speed. Victoria spent the next year in the hospital fighting for her life.

Her stepbrothers and father visited her often, even though she laid lifeless, in a coma, with a maze of tubes, pumps and wires keeping her alive. With no end in sight, the only thing they could do for her was to pray for a miracle.

Doctors couldn’t determine if or when she might open her eyes again or breathe on her own, but she eventually did, although she had to spend a year in the hospital. Her father and step brothers were elated at the progress she made.

After an arduous year for Victoria and her family, she was finally home, this time in a wheelchair. Her stepbrothers had built ramps for her to get to her front door using her wheelchair. Adapting to her new life, with the use of one arm and forever mobile by wheelchair, was extremely hard for this lively young woman.

Living in a small house behind her dad’s home, she knew she would need around the clock care by professional caregivers in order to remain as independent as she possibly could. She was no longer working; she was no longer getting married. She soon learned that her SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers would become her family.

Her adjustment to her new life and its limitations was tough on everyone. She remembers her life before the accident—she could drive, walk, run, go shopping at the mall and make plans with her fiancé. And she knew all of this was gone forever and also knew she was about to embark upon a brand new journey with new rules and new friends.

Three months after she was home from a year in the hospital recovering from the car accident,  the unthinkable happened. Her father was struck by lightning and died instantly. Victoria had enough trouble adjusting to her new version of life where she had to let others care for her; she never dreamed that she’d lose her father, especially after losing her mother two years prior.

Being under the Care of SYNERGY HomeCare of Southeast Houston has been the constant in her days that has improved her quality of life. 

As SYNERGY HomeCare’s owner, Stephanie Allen says, “We’re a part of her journey. She can be feisty and demanding, up and down. Early on, we realized she needed caregivers who could roll with her temperance as she adjusted to her new life. After all, Victoria is a 35-year-old woman, in the prime of her life, and being confined to a wheelchair can be frustrating and depressing. Our mission was for her to feel the joy of what she could do and expose her to new ideas and activities.

“Sometimes we’ll get all dressed up and go to the mall and punctuate our day with lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux—she absolutely loves the crab!

What we, as a home care agency have learned, especially with Victoria’s help, is that we are not a ‘cookie-cutter’ agency. ‘One size fits all’ does not define us; not even close. We adapt our caregiving to respect the wishes and needs of our clients.”

She has a special someone named Pookie, an adorable little dog who loves to jump onto her lap and be her shadow wherever she goes. Victoria loves her so much! Her caregivers take care of Pookie for her so all she has to do is love her.

Over the years, SYNERGY HomeCare has slowly become part of Victoria’s family.  She loves her caregivers. Together, they play games, watch their favorite TV shows and talk for hours. Sometimes Victoria will call her caregiver who is on the way to her house and ask her to bring her a hamburger. Victoria never hesitates to call Stephanie or Stephanie’s mom just to chat. Stephanie’s mom visits her and they color together and have good conversations.

Behind Victoria’s house is a large pond. When Stephanie comes over, she loves to go out on the pier and watch the pond, dreaming of fishing there one day. When Stephanie asked Victoria if she’d like to go fishing, she replied, “How in the heck am I going to do that?” Stephanie was delighted to tell Victoria that she had found a special rod for people who only had use of one arm. Additionally, she surprised Victoria by telling her that she asked her brothers if it was alright to build a ramp and a railing to the pier that would allow her motorized wheelchair to drive onto the pier. The brothers were agreeable and Stephanie’s friends will be building the ramp in the Spring. They are excited to spend time on the pier this summer, fishing together.

Victoria still struggles sometimes with her confinement. Since she has had the same caregivers for years, they understand Victoria’s need to express her feelings and can help her get through the rough times.

SYNERGY HomeCare is delighted and proud to be part of Victoria’s “family” and make a difference in her life. This is why they are in the compassionate business of home care. They remain committed to her, her needs and her happiness.


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