National Nurses Week: celebrating the heart of healthcare


Celebrating nurses: the heart of healthcare

Nurses do a lot for their patients. They assist in medical procedures, advocate for patients’ rights, provide health teachings, administer medications, provide bedside care, and so much more. And they do it with compassion. While nurses provide continuity of care 24/7/365, they have been true heroes during the country’s pandemic and quarantine. Nurses deserve to be recognized, applauded and virtually hugged during this year’s Nurses Week, May 6-12. 

"Nurses are delivering quality patient care while braving the pandemic—for this alone, they deserve a medal."

National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6 and ends with a crescendo on May 12 for nurses everywhere, celebrating the birthday of nursing founder Florence Nightingale. 

During this week, although SYNERGY HomeCare is a non-medical home care provider, we will celebrate and honor our field nurses from coast to coast, as many states require nurses, RNs and LPNs, to oversee aspects of caregiving. It’s also a time where we educate others on the role that nurses play in our overall health, every single day. In fact, you’ll probably notice many hospitals and healthcare organizations expressing thanks and appreciation to nurses. It's the perfect opportunity for leaders to express their thanks and appreciation for their nurses. 

Meaningful recognition for the work nursing caregivers provide and the contributions they make, is vital. Nurses are delivering quality patient care while braving the pandemic—for this alone, they deserve a medal.  This recognition will also positively impact their morale, while deepening nurses’ pride to the profession and their care organization.

"Nurses deserve to be recognized, applauded and virtually hugged."

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on six of SYNERGY HomeCare's finest nurses. Each of these nurses shares their inspiring message about what it means to be a SYNERGY HomeCare nurse. Bravo!

Stephanie Allen, Owner and RN ParamedicStephanie Allen SYNERGY HomeCare of Beaumont TX
SYNERGY HomeCare of Beaumont, TX
"It's my honor to serve our clients and their family during some of the most difficult times. I've cried, laughed, and stayed by the bedside of people that became like family as they took their last breath. This is a privilege and something I do not take lightly. Over my 10 years of being an Owner and a Nurse for SYNERGY HomeCare, I've learned that we provide more than just home care. We provide hope, happiness, stability, and assurance for those we serve. As a nurse that's the most rewarding experience I could ever hope to have."

Kristin Hammler, LPNKristin Hammler of SYNERGY HomeCare of Billings MT
SYNERGY HomeCare Billings, MT
"As a nurse for SYNERGY HomeCare, I know I'm given the opportunity to touch a client's life each time I visit them. Not only do I feel privileged to do this, but they also touch my life in many ways. I love serving our clients and their families."



Misty Baker, RNMisty Baker SYNERGY homeCare of Edmond OK
SYNERGY HomeCare Edmond, OK
"Being a SYNERGY HomeCare nurse for almost 3 years has been a wonderful experience. I’ve laughed and cried with hundreds of families and it is very rewarding to make them feel comfortable and assured during hard transitional times. I look forward to a lifelong career with my SYNERGY HomeCare family."


Corrie, Director of Nursing
SYNERGY HomeCare Arlington, VA
"It's not an easy time to be a nurse, but to be a nurse at SYNERGY HomeCare means I am enabled to practice the true art of nursing. Now more than ever, I am proud to possess the expertise to promote wellness and independence at home, provide support and education, and comfort fears. Whether helping to develop a client's plan of care, caregivers skill set, or a safety-first policy, my efforts are rewarded by positively impacting the lives of others."


Kevin Holstein, Director of NursingKevin Holstein SYNERGY HomeCare of Edmond OK
SYNERGY HomeCare Edmond, OK
"Being a nurse at SYNERGY HomeCare means getting to go to work every day with a team of caring, compassionate, individuals who believe in the same calling as you do. Putting clients and their families first and ensuring that we do all we can to allow the most important and beloved demographic in our community age with grace and independence."


Erin Bequette, LPNErin Bequette SYNERGY HomeCare of Billings MT
SYNERGY HomeCare of Billings, MT
"As a nurse, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a client improve their wellbeing. I believe that home care truly has a positive impact on not only the client's wellbeing but also their families. That's why I am proud to be a part of SYNERGY Homecare."


Hug a nurse this week, virtually of course!


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